Westchester County


Special Delinquency Prevention Program (SDPP)

The Special Delinquency Prevention Program (SDPP) is a specific initiative targeted for youth with well-defined needs. SDPP supports services aimed at keeping youth from becoming involved in the juvenile justice system or being chronically dependent on the human service system.

All programs under this initiative must serve "Targeted Youth."  Targeted Youth shall mean youth under 21 years of age who are:

  • At risk of becoming a Person In Need of Supervision (PINS) or juvenile delinquents or charged with committing a crime
  • Considered for placement outside the home
  • Discharged into the community from institutional care or on parole
  • Presently receiving community-based care as persons in need of supervision (PINS) juvenile delinquents (JD) or on probation
  • Homeless youth or youth who have run away from home
  • Chronically truant and/or illegally absent from school
  • School dropouts
  • Parents or about to become parents, or are children of a teenage parent, and lack adequate family supports
  • Victims of child abuse, domestic violence, maltreatment and/or neglect
  • Members of a family who have had frequent involvement in the justice system and/or human services system, or lack adequate family supports
  • Of limited English-speaking abilities
  • In critical need of employment support services and jobs
  • Involved in prostitution
  • Exhibiting self-destructive behavior