Victim Impact Panels in Westchester County are sponsored by The Westchester County Department of Probation, The Westchester County STOP DWI Program and The Westchester County Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

DWI is a serious crime. Please don’t drink and drive.

Q. Is there a cost to attend a Westchester County Victim Impact Panel?
A. Yes. For those requiring proof of attendance there is non-refundable $100.00 fee which can be paid by cash or money order. For guests there is a $20.00 fee. Children under 12 will not be admitted.

Q. How long does the panel last?  
A. Panels routinely last approximately two hours and 30 minutes.

Q. Will I be breathalyzed upon entering the panel location?
A. Yes.  Everyone attending the victim impact panel will be breathalyzed after making payment and prior to entering the panel room. Anyone testing positive will be denied entry to the panel room and forfeit payment.

Q. Can I pay online or by phone?
A. Yes. You can go to or call (888) 604-7888 and pay the required fee by using PLC# 7370. It is recommended that you print the receipt and bring it with you.

Q. How do I verify to the court that I attended?
A. At the end of the panel you will receive a non-replaceable certificate verifying your attendance.

Q. What happens if I lose my certificate?
A. If you lose your certificate you must attend another victim impact panel and pay the fee again. There are no exceptions.