The spreadsheets below are used for new budgets or budget modifications.  They should be returned to your Program Administrator by e-mail.

Board of Directors
Personnel Time
Staff Duties

Updated 2017 forms

Schedule A updated 07/12/2017
Schedule B - 1 Year updated 08/25/2017
Schedule B - 3 Years updated 08/25/2017

Budget Mod Request Schedule B updated 09/10/2019

BOL & OCFS Contracted Agency Reimbursement Forms 
3128 Consultants Contracted Services and Stipends Report  updated 01/30/2015
3127 Fringe Benefits Report  updated 01/30/2015
3129 M & O and Facility Repairs Report  updated 01/30/2015
3125 Program Expenditure Summary  updated 01/30/2015
3126 Salaries Expenditures Report  updated 01/30/2015
3130 Travel Expenditures Report  updated 01/30/2015

Reimbursement Forms Directions and Examples
Sample Schedule B - 1 Year updated 01/30/2015
Sample Schedule B - 3 Years updated 08/25/2017
Fiscal Policies and Procedures updated 01/30/2015
Petty Cash
Nonreimbursable Costs
3126 Salaries Example updated 01/30/2015
3127 Fringe Benefits Example updated 01/30/2015
3128 Consultants, Contracted Services, Stipends Example updated 01/30/2015
Travel Example
3129 Maintenance and Operation Example updated 01/30/2015

IIK Contracted Agency Reimbursement Forms (All Updated 4/10/2020)
Requirements and Policies 
Non Reimbursable Costs
IIK0001 Summary
IIK1000 Salaries
IIK1001 Fringe Benefits
IIK2001 Contracted Services
IIK3001 Supplies
IIK3002 Rent
IIK3003 Utilities
IIK3004 Telecommunications
IIK3005 Travel
IIK3006 Insurance
IIK3007 Miscellaneous