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Texting while driving is dangerous -- and, it's against the law. New studies show that drivers overestimate their ability to multitask behind the wheel. Experienced and new drivers alike need to keep both hands on the wheel when driving.

Try your hand at the "Gauging Your Distraction" game as featured in a series of articles, Driven to Distraction, in the Technology Section of the New York Times Web site. This game measures how your reaction time is affected by external distractions. Regardless of your results, bottom line is that you should not text when driving.

The ACE Challenge deadline extended to Nov. 11
Students in grades six to twelve have until Nov. 11 to sign up for the Astorino Challenge in Education - or the ACE Challenge. Details are outlined on the ACE Challenge registration form

2016 Rosemarie Siragusa Award
The Rosemarie Siragusa Memorial Youth Service Award honors an outstanding individual who has demonstrated a commitment to serving youth and families. This award recognizes an adult, aged 21 and over, who has made major contributions towards the youth in his or her community in a volunteer capacity. Learn more about the Rosemarie Siragusa award and download the nomination form.

2016 Milly Kibrick Awardees Honored
Ten students received the 2016 Milly Kibrick Award on Oct. 19 at a special awards dinner. The 10 students are examples of the positive community work and global reach by young people throughout Westchester. Read more about these students.

2016 WISE Awardees Announced
Two teachers have been named as honorees of the inaugural 2016 WISE Award.Through their unique ability to inspire students, and commitment to carry their passion beyond the four corners of the classroom, these two educators have had an astonishing impact on their communities and beyond. They received their award on Oct. 19 at the Youth Service Awards Dinner.