Westchester County honors is educators and students with a variety of annual awards.

Milly Kibrick Youth Service Awards
Milly Kibrick Youth Service Awards honor young men and women who actively demonstrate leadership in community service, particularly in the areas of community empowerment; science, technology, engineering and math; or innovative thinking.

Nominated students are current high-school juniors who graduate the following year. They must be residents of Westchester County. Nominations are solicited in the spring.

Honorees are typcially announced in September and then honored at a special dinner in October.

The WISE Awards
The Westchester Innovative School Educators (WISE) Award is an opportunity to recognize K-12 education professionals who have developed innovative solutions to challenges facing our youth through the educational system that serves them. Nominated educators must be certified professionals currently working in educational settings or alternative educational pathways and must have a demonstrated positive influence on student success. They must work in Westchester County.