Frequently Asked Questions about DWI
  Nine frequently asked questions about DWI and the kinds of penalties and fines result when found DWI. [En español: Las Preguntas Más Frecuentes de DWI]
Standard for Drunk Driving Facts About New York’s .08 BAC
  This brochures explains Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and how it affects your driving. [En español: El Límite del Conductor Embriagado]
Relicensing DWI Offenders Q and A
  Frequently asked questions about revoked drivers licenses and getting a license back. [En español: Restaurando las Licencias de Ofensores DWI]
Teens and Alcohol - What Parents Need to Know
  Guidelines and responsibilities when giving a party for teens and when your teen is going to a party. [En español: ¡Lo que los Padres Necesitan Saber!]
Zero Tolerance Q and A
  Frequently asked questions about the zero tolerance law in New York State. [En español: Cero Tolerancia Preguntas y Respuestas]
Prom Safety 
  What parents should know about prom safety and helpful tips for hiring a limousine service on prom night.
Teen Drinking
  Fundamental tips for parents about teen drinking. [En español: LosJóvenes y El Alcohol]
Alcohol Overdose. It's A Medical Emergency.
  Don't let anyone who has passed off from drinking alcohol sleep it off. Get help immediately.  [En español: La Sobredosis de Alcohol ¡Es Una Emergencia Médica!]
NY State DMV: You and the State Drinking Driving Laws
  A summary of New York state's drinking and driving laws.