Parents should take the lead in discussing alcohol and its effects with their teens.  The tips below and on our Tips for Parents, should be read and shared with them.  (En español)

  • Alcohol is a drug, in fact the most abused drug in America, and five times more teenagers die from alcohol-related causes than all illegal drugs combined.
  • Binge drinking is especially dangerous to teenagers. Alcohol poisoning can be fatal.
  • If your teenager is intoxicated, don't let him or her “sleep it off.” Brain damage and even death can be the result. Seek medical help immediately. Share the information on our Alcohol Overdose. It's A Medical Emergency with your teen. (En español)
  • Alcohol is involved in two thirds of sexual assaults and date rapes among teens.
  • Tell your teens that you disapprove of underage drinking and why. Share your concerns and listen to theirs.
  • Know the laws. Serving or purchasing  alcohol and/or allowing anyone under 21 to drink is illegal and dangerous. Please don't do it.
  • Do not serve alcohol at teen parties in your home. Make sure no one brings alcohol to the party.  You are legally liable for any damage caused by teens who drink at your home.
  • Circulate regularly during parties, checking all rooms of the house and the yard.
  • If your teen is attending a party in another home, call the parents to make sure alcohol is not allowed and that they will be home during the entire event.

For additional information contact:

Patricia McCarthy Tomassi
Westchester County
Office of Drug Prevention and STOP-DWI
112 East Post Road, White Plains , NY 10601
Tel.: (914) 995-4115