Each year at prom time, Westchester County gears up its multi-faceted effort to keep kids safe and sober. The effort spills over to graduations as well.

First and foremost, parents are urged to speak to their kids about proms and drinking. Beyond that, the county has a zero-tolerance attitude on underage drinking. For insights on how to approach your teen on these topics, visit the Prom Safety page on Power to the Parent, a Web site designed to help parents in their quest to keep their teens healthy and safe.

In advance of proms, the county sends letters to all high school principals and catering halls telling them of the policies. On prom nights, there are added police patrols throughout the county. And the county police, working with local police departments, will inspect all limousines going to and from proms at Westchester catering halls. If liquor is found, it will be confiscated. If the limousine has other safety infractions, it will be ticketed and possibly not allowed on the roads.

What Parents Should Know About Prom Safety 
Lo que todo padre de familia debe saber acerca de La Noche de "Prom"
This brochure, prepared by the county Office of Drug Prevention STOP-DWI points out the pressures of prom nite and suggests specific things parents can do to help teens remain safe.

Prom Night Fact Sheet
Hoja de Datos de la Noche de "Prom"
Helpful tips for hiring a limousine service on prom night.

Prom Fact Sheet from the Westchester County Taxi and Limousine Commission
Información Sobre la Noche de la Fiesta de Graduación
The Prom Night Fact Sheet from the Westchester County Taxi and Linousine Commission covers all this information in greater detail.