Frequently Asked Questions about DWI
  Nine frequently asked questions about DWI and the kinds of penalties and fines result when found DWI. [En español: Las Preguntas Más Frecuentes de DWI]
Penalties for DWI in New York State
  This brochure outlines charges and penalties including fines, jail terms and suspensions.
Standard for Drunk Driving Facts About New York’s .08 BAC
  This brochures explains Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and how it affects your driving. [En español: El Límite del Conductor Embriagado]
Relicensing DWI Offenders Q and A
  Frequently asked questions about revoked drivers licenses and getting a license back. [En español: Restaurando las Licencias de Ofensores DWI]
Teens and Alcohol - What Parents Need to Know
  Guidelines and responsibilities when giving a party for teens and when your teen is going to a party. [En español: ¡Lo que los Padres Necesitan Saber!]
Zero Tolerance Q and A
  Frequently asked questions about the zero tolerance law in New York State. [En español: Cero Tolerancia Preguntas y Respuestas]
Prom Safety 
  What parents should know about prom safety and helpful tips for hiring a limousine service on prom night.
Teen Drinking
  Fundamental tips for parents about teen drinking. [En español: LosJóvenes y El Alcohol]
Alcohol Overdose. It's A Medical Emergency.
  Don't let anyone who has passed off from drinking alcohol sleep it off. Get help immediately.  [En español: La Sobredosis de Alcohol ¡Es Una Emergencia Médica!]
NY State DMV: You and the State Drinking Driving Laws
  A summary of New York state's drinking and driving laws.