There are things you can do on a personal level and as part of a coalition to help in the campaign to deter underage drinking. Here are some suggestions. 

Parents should start by reviewing our “Tips for Parents” card and should try to implement suggestions that may be appropriate to your household.  Parents should also attend informational sessions and meetings sponsored by your local school or government. These sessions can heighten your awareness of what “your children are doing and why."
Be aware that many studies indicate that the main reasons teens drink are: 

  • too much recreational time,
  • too little parental or adult supervision and
  • too much discretionary money.

These are all areas which we as parents need to monitor.

Get involved
Many of us have the attitude that we cannot influence a problem, but one person can make a difference. If you would like to get involved in your community’s effort to reduce underage drinking and other drug use, please contact the county's STOP-DWI Office by phone at (914) 995-4115 or by e-mail at

Help organize a school chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions.  If one does not already exist, or ask to help in their activities if one does exist.  Help organize business owners in your community to support the work that SADD does right in your local school.  Encourage them to sponsor alcohol- and drug-free events that are fun and age appropriate for that school.

Share your ideas
All ideas have possibilities but only if they are shared and discussed with others. Then they grow and take on a life of their own. Every idea counts.