The "Save Your Face, Click It or Ticket" campaign urges teens to prevent permanent facial and bodily injuries by simply taking a few seconds to put on a seat belt.  The High School program consists of several components, listed below.

Dramatic Presentation
The program begins with a dramatic presentation, simulating a rollover crash which demonstrates the severe consequences that occur when both the driver and passengers of a vehicle are not wearing their seat belt.  Visually, this demonstration speaks for itself and although dummies are used in the simulation, teens easily make the connection that this could become a real life situation. 

PA Announcements
Teen inspired PA announcements are read by students during the school hours and carry a humorous message that reinforces seat belt safety. 

Educational Materials
Traffic safety materials are given to the students to raise awareness about seat belt facts and posters are hung in school hallways. An informative teen seat belt brochure is distributed to new teen drivers at three DMV offices in Yonkers, White Plains and Peekskill.

Ticket Contest
SADD students (Students Against Destructive Decisions) issue mock tickets to those who are caught without their seat belt and are reminded that the ticket they receive could have been a real one.  Those caught wearing their seat belt receive a key chain and a chance to win bigger prizes such as an MTV studio tour, lunch at ESPN Zone or tickets to Playland's Ice Casino. 

Teen Commercial
The County's communications office has available a teen seat belt commercial. The commercial aired for thirteen weeks on MTV, Nick, TNT, CNN, News 12, BET, Cartoon Network, Family, USA, WTBS and ESPN.  High school students from the Lakeland School District participated in the making of the television commercial.